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It’s a common misconception that going more eco-friendly at home is expensive, and often people don’t know where to start. I’m here to tell you first hand that it’s much simpler and more accessible than you may think. While environmentally-friendly alternatives to traditional products may come with a higher price tag, the investment pays off over time.

When I uncover a product I love, I can’t help but sing its praises from the rooftops. These are some of my current favourites that not only make my life easier, but I feel good knowing they are helping to minimize my environmental impact.

Seed & Sprout “Un-baking Paper”

These silicone non-stick reusable “un-baking paper” mats are a staple in my kitchen. I use them daily and they make cooking a breeze. There’s no waste and no rolls of papers and foils cluttering my kitchen drawers.

Stasher storage bags

These silicone storage bags are an excellent alternative to wasteful Ziploc bags. They are incredibly durable and infinitely reusable. Not only are they great for food storage, but I use them for toiletries and supplements when I travel.

Cadence magnetic refillable containers

These capsule containers are a brilliant alternative to cheap dollar store plastic travel containers. Made of recycled ocean-bound plastic, you can store everything from skin care to pills, jewelry and more. They are magnetic, adhering together like a honeycomb, keeping things secure and organized.

Blueland eco-friendly cleaning products

Why buy traditional household cleaning products with a net new plastic bottle each time when you can buy the bottle once and refill it forever? With Blueland’s just-add-water tablets, the equivalent of 12 bottles of cleaner can be shipped to you in an envelope.

Superzero shampoo bars

Did you know that a bottle of shampoo can contain upwards of 70% water? And because of that water content it must be packaged in plastic. For this reason, I’m a big fan of solid shampoo and conditioner bars. The shampoo lathers exceptionally well and the conditioner rivals any traditional water-based formula on the market, making the transition to waterless formulas an easy one.

TANIT toothpaste tablets

I love tablets as an alternative to tubed toothpaste, which can’t be properly recycled. Simply chew and start brushing. Buy the glass jar once and then purchase refills in a compostable pouch. They are made with a highly effective fluoride alternative called Nano-Hydroxyapatite, xylitol which fights tooth decay and balances the oral ecosystem, aloe vera and spearmint.

Good Juju laundry detergent strips

I was skeptical of detergent strips at first, but now I’ll never look back. Just a single strip tackles a regular-sized load, with zero residue and a subtle “summer rain” scent. Ditching the plastic jug in favour of a 30-strip envelope results in a 94% reduction in transport-related greenhouse gas emissions.

Leaf Shave razor

It has been estimated that a staggering 2 billion plastic razors and blades get tossed out in the U.S. each year. Luckily brands like Leaf are making plastic-free shaving a breeze. This razor is an absolute dream! It’s lightweight, fits comfortably in my hand and I can shave in a hurry without nicks and cuts that I came to expect with other safety razors.

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